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  Bartagunyah Estate, Melrose, South Australia
History of Bartagunyah

Captain Matthew Flinders sailed his ship the 'Investigator' on his voyage of discovery along the coastline of Spencer Gulf during February/March 1802, where he observed an imposing range of mountains later to be named the Flinders Ranges. The sketch of his ship (pictured on our wine labels) is a reminder of this epic journey.

Nestled at the Southern end of Mt Remarkable, one of the highest mountains in the Flinders Ranges, Bartagunyah is 5 kilometres from Melrose, the oldest town in the Flinders Ranges. View location map.

'Bartagunyah' (meaning home of the Bardy Grubs) was named by the Nukunu Aboriginals. This historic property was once owned by Dr Matthew Moorehouse (1865-1876). He was a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and a Member of the House of Assembly in South Australia from 1860 to 1872. Dr Moorehouse arrived at Holdfast Bay in the ship Charles Forbes in 1839 and was appointed Protector of Aborigines.

Our logo, depicting a 'T' and a Bar, is an historic Sheep Brand which has been used at Bartagunyah since the eighteen hundreds.

Owned by the Smart Family since 1934, Bartagunyah was traditionally a pastoral property producing wool and prime lamb, and has now diversified into grape growing and wine production with the vineyard first established in 1997. Bartagunyah also hosts a range of eco-tourism activities including camping, four wheel driving and mountain biking on the beautiful property.

Come and experience a little bit of history for yourself at Bartagunyah - just drop-in, or please feel free to contact us to help plan your visit.